#52Pubs: Celebrating the social lives of London’s local pubs

After the launch of Tea Trail London, the Europeana Food and Drink project’s next UK-based product to be launched is a book called London Local Pubs: Past and Present.

To celebrate its launch, we are inviting people to visit the 52 pubs featured in the book on Friday 13 November and Saturday 14 November and to tweet about their visits using the hashtag #52Pubs. You can explore a map of all 52 pubs and their historic photographs here.

Antwerp Arms, 1940. Charrington surveyors (CC-BY-SA)
Antwerp Arms, 1940. Charrington surveyors (CC-BY-SA)
How do I take part?

Choose a pub to go to (with friends or by yourself) on the map below and put your Twitter handle in our form. You could choose to go to your regular local or find a new pub to discover. We would love to have at least one person in each of the 52 pubs. Multiple visitors in the same pub is fine.

When should I tweet?

The visits should be on Friday 13 November and Saturday 14 November. You can tweet at anytime but ideally between 6pm and 8pm.

What should I tweet?

Use the hashtag #52Pubs
We want this to be a celebration of the social lives of London’s pubs. We would love your tweets to capture the atmosphere in these pubs on a Friday and Saturday night.

You could tweet: descriptions of the pub you are in, conversations being had in the pub, photographs of the pub, thoughts on its architecture, anecdotes about in the pub, any historical facts about the pub, interviews with the pub’s landlord or regulars.

Anything else to know?

We will record everything being tweeted under #52Pubs and will write a blog post featuring the most interesting anecdotes and photographs.

While we are asking you to visit a pub, Europeana Food and Drink, Historypin and their partners are not encouraging alcohol consumption. Please drink responsibly.

If you are interested in buying the London Local Pubs: Past and Present book, you can visit www.londonlocalpubs.com


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By Lise Schauer, Historypin