A Taste of Malta: The Sun and the Sea, topped with Salt & Bread

Not a hint of breeze, just the warm sun, tanning your skin, with the smell of the salty blue waters while you are relaxing on a deck chair. Of course, this would be on one of the lovely beaches found in Malta.

But, what is missing? ĦOBŻ BIŻ-ŻEJT!

Image Courtesy of Matthew 'toykid' Cauchi, Malta
Image Courtesy of Matthew ‘toykid’ Cauchi, Malta

This Sunday, 7th of June, is Maltese National Day –  And for this reason, AcrossLimits from Europeana Food and Drink shares a special delicacy from the islands in the Mediterranean Sea with you. For non-locals almost upronouncable, the  “Ħobż biż-żejt” is Maltese bread filled with traditional ingredients. This is only one of many traditions from Malta when it comes to bread.

Made from sourdough, the Maltese bread stems from a long history of generations. Nowadays, one can find different variations, however no baker will ever share their secret recipe. Nenu Debono, a baker from Qormi says the the whole process of baking bread  takes approximately 7 to 8 hours. This will allow for the dough to ferment in a natural way. Using other methods to easily make the process faster will affect the quality of the bread produced.

Watch your taste buds come alive!

Spread some tomato paste on the Maltese Bread which is  called “Ftira”, add some tuna, capers, olives, herbs, broad beans, onions, and some maltese goat cheese and watch your taste buds come alive!

And to be honest: We got so many mouthwatering pictures of this Maltese delicacy, we just could not decide which ones to take.  That’s why we are simply showing all of the different variations!

Image Courtesy of Giola Cassar, Malta
Image Courtesy of Giola Cassar, Malta
Picture Credit: Left: Peter Dacoutros from his book 'My Favourites'. Right: Louis Zammit Cardona Photography
Image Courtesy: Left: Peter Dacoutros from his book ‘My Favourites’ Right: Louis Zammit Cordina Photography
The Social Game – AcrossLimits from Malta

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Maltese Delicacies - Picture Credit: Lorraine Tagliaferro
Maltese Delicacies – Image Courtesy of  Lorraine Tagliaferro


by Annalise Duca and Angelika Leitner