As part of the Europeana Food and Drink project, we have developed a suite of innovative and commercially attractive applications to demonstrate the value and potential of food and drink related cultural content.

We invite you to explore the diverse range of applications we created from our delicious food and drink digital resources…


The Tea Trail is a mobile web-based application designed for tea lovers in London. The trail guides visitors through the city’s favourite tea-drinking places, featuring collection highlights of this most British of pastimes.
Do you love tea? Then come and discover a world of tea in London


Besides beer and boozing, Britain’s local pubs are places for community gatherings and storytelling, all of which are captured in our beautifully illustrated publication London Local Pubs Past and Present.
Fancy a pint? Come and visit London’s pubs and explore these fascinating spaces


Our picture library provides a marketplace for the food and drink cultural heritage imagery provided by the project’s partners; our collection illustrates food and drink history in photographs, artwork and objects.
See something you like? Our pictures are now available for license…


For competitive food lovers our social game Food Planet challenges your food knowledge and asks you to work out where your favourite dish is originally from.
Can you guess ‘Where on earth is this from?’…


Celebrating all things cake related, the exhibition is available virtually and via our touring exhibition. The virtual exhibition is packed with delicious images and information about Europe’s puddings and desserts through the ages; and our touring exhibition, tells the cake story in Dutch as it travels through Belgium.
Cake! will be whetting appetites in museums all across Europe, join us for a bite…


Designed with teachers and students in mind, our open educational resources prove that learning can indeed be fun. Based on the theme of food and drink, these resources showcase the amazing value that comes from collaboration between the culture sector and creative / commercial industries.
See what you will learn through these fabulous and free resources…

Want more?

As part of our project we want others to be able to replicate our outcomes and produce creative applications from food and drink digital cultural resources – so keep at look out for further products and applications on our website as we develop them.

If you would like to get involved, please contact us.