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London Local Pubs Past and Present is a celebration of local pubs that are steeped in social history. They have played a role in publicans’ and regulars’ lives since they were first built and continue to fulfil that community purpose. They are places of historic significance, even if their architecture has radically changed over the years.This book focuses on what these pubs meant to locals in the past and what they mean to locals and licensees today.

It contains never-seen-before archival images from Charrington’s surveyors department, which provide a backdrop for anecdotes and photographs that are contributed by regulars, staff and landlords and drawn together by well-known writer Adrian Tierney-Jones.

We encourage you to come and visit London’s pubs by including the address details for each pub and a map allow the reader to explore these fascinating spaces for themselves.

Share your own photographs and memories on HistoryPin where locals and publicans of each pub can contribute additional materials and keep the story of these community institutions alive.

London Local Pubs Past and Present is available for purchase from Halsgrove Publishing and Amazon. The eBook is also available through Halsgrove Publishing.

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The books have been made possible by the Europeana Food and Drink project, funded by the European Union. The London Local Pubs Past and Present book was developed by project partners HistoryPin and Fratelli Alinari Istituto di Edizioni Artistiche SpA.