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Educational Resources

Open Educational Resources are set of educational resources connecting Food and Drink and Cultural Heritage. These resources are rich with digital cultural heritage objects (including images and videos) found in Europeana or provided by partners in the Europeana Food and Drink project.

Food is culture. Food and Drink can help in studying history, or in learning about a different culture; digital cultural heritage objects can be used to increase awareness about food and drink and healthy nutrition. These interdisciplinary learning activities can be very engaging and effective for students, especially for children.

Our Open Educational Resources demonstrate that the cooperation between the culture sector and the food and drink field (including creative industries and commercial partners) can create a great value in education. They are free and open, as they use the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Public and private educational institutions, teachers and other educators can download and use them for online and offline activities; they can also modify and redistribute them.

Lesson plans

Our educational resources are developed in the form of lesson plans, with information about topic of the lesson, learning target, educational methods, educative tools that will be used during the lesson, homework and assessments. We strongly encourage educators in Europe to reuse and redistribute these resources, and to create and share their own contents based on our template. Click here to learn more …

Europeana Attribution tool

The Europeana Attribution Tool (EAT) to supports educators using Europeana Contents in their resources by making it easy to creating detailed references for Europeana resources. Users just have to insert the URL of a resource in Europeana and this tool retrieves related metadata and automatically generate a text that can be pasted in any document to credit Europeana. Click here to learn more …

Use our educational resources in your class!

The Open Education Resources has been made possible by the Europeana Food and Drink project, funded by the European Union. The resources was developed by project partners Universita di Roma La Sapienza and Cyprus Food and Nutrition Museum.