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Lesson Plans

Our Open Educational Resources are developed in the form of lesson plans, with information about topic of the lesson, learning target, educational methods, educative tools that will be used during the lesson, homework and assessments.

The following Open Educational Resources are available:
Title  Language 
Traditional Cypriot breakfast vs modern breakfast: we choose a healthy way to start our day!  Greek
The nutritional properties of bread and its significance in traditional Cypriot cuisine Greek
The nutritional properties of wine, its products and significance in traditional Cypriot cuisine Greek
Com’è fatto il cioccolato / How chocolate is made Italian / English
Food and Farming in Ireland through the Ages English
Food in Ireland English
Food and Nutrition English
Template for Open Educational Resources English

We strongly encourage educators in Europe to reuse and redistribute these resources, and to create and share their own contents based on our template in English.

Cyprus Food Museum provided three open educational resources, available in Greek and adjusted to the High School curriculum.

DigiLab – Sapienza Università di Roma provided How chocolate is made, an educational resource available in English and in Italian (“Come è fatto il cioccolato?”), including contents from Europeana and digital cultural objects from its partner, Museo del Cioccolato.

The Irish Local Government Management Agency provided three open educational resources, available in English, relating to the topics of food, nutrition and farming in Ireland.  The resources support the primary school curriculum.