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Food and Farming in Ireland

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Resource Overview

Activities to Support the Food and Farming unit in the History Curriculum
3rd and 4th grade, primary school
Duration: 4 x 40 minutes + field trip (80 minutes)
Number of students: c. 20-25
Language: English

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Resource Summary

This lesson plan explores four key topics relating to the topic of ‘Food and Farming in Ireland through the Ages’. The aim of these lessons is to develop children’s knowledge of the history of food and farming in Ireland as well as to develop historical research skills. The unit is designed to develop children’s knowledge of food and farming at different times in history so that their understanding of time and change is developed as they progress through the four lessons.

The lesson begins by looking at food and farming in periods in the very distant past from the Stone Age to up modern times.

The staple foods of the early Irish diet are introduced. Outside cooking methods will be explored with a particular focus on cooking with the ‘Fulacht Fia’. The important role of the potato in the Irish diet will also be examined.

The type of farm machinery used through the ages is also investigated and comparisons made between the older farming methods and those used today.

Throughout the lesson there are various activities to provide opportunities to engage with the content.

These resources are free to use, released with a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.