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Food and Nutrition

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Resource Overview

Activities to Support the Food and Nutrition unit in the SPHE Curriculum
3rd and 4th grade, primary school
Duration: 4 x 40 minutes + field trip
Number of students: c. 20-25
Language: English

Downloadable Resources

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Lesson Plan DOCX
 Appendix A – Lesson Part 1: Choosing Food and Staying Healthy   PPT
 Appendix B – Lesson Part 2: Food that helps us grow and become healthy adults   PPT
 Appendix C – Lesson Part 3: Food that can make us unhealthy   PPT
 Appendix D – Lesson Part 4: Food hygiene   PPT
 All files in a single package   ZIP

Resource Summary

This lesson plan offers a framework and activities relating to four key topics relating to the topic of ‘Food and Nutrition’.

The lesson begins with a series of questions to explore the children’s understanding of the food they eat. The factors which influence their decisions around food they buy and eat are examined. The children’s attitudes and choices regarding healthy and unhealthy foods are discussed. This leads to the concept of a balanced healthy diet. This is progressed by grouping foods 1) meat, poultry, fish (nuts and seeds are also in this group) 2) fruit and vegetables 3) dairy 4) sugary and fatty foods 5) grain-based foods (cereals), potatoes, rice and pasta. Visual concepts of the balanced diet such as the food pyramid are examined.

The lesson then focuses on each food group individually analyzing their health benefits and the recommended quantity of servings for different ages and genders.

There is a special focus on sugary and fatty foods and drinks. This section details the unhealthy effects of these foods.

The final section looks at the role of food hygiene in healthy eating.

Throughout the lesson there are various activities to provide opportunities to engage with the content and in particular to educate and inform healthier attitudes to food.

These resources are free to use, released with a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.