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Food in Ireland

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Resource Overview

Activities to Support the SPHE Curriculum
3rd and 4th grade, primary school
Duration: 4 x 40 minutes
Number of students: c. 20-25
Language: English

Downloadable Resources

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Lesson Plan DOCX
 Appendix A – Lesson Part 1: History of Irish food PPT
 Appendix B – Lesson Part 2: Traditional Irish food PPT
 Appendix C – Lesson Part 3: Modern Irish food PPT
 Appendix D – Lesson Part 4: Food choices PPT
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Resource Summary

This lesson plan focuses on four key topics relating to the topic of ‘Food in Ireland’.

The lesson begins with an exploration of food in Ireland over the centuries and focuses on the history of Irish food.

The lesson progresses by determining what foods remained the same or were set aside or were introduced from ancient times to today. Methods of cooking and preserving food from long ago are given a special focus. Traditional recipes are discussed in conjunction with songs and poems which mention them. The lesson will also focus on classifications of foods particularly dairy, grain, fruit and vegetables, meat, poultry, fish.

The final focus of the lesson is modern Irish food and how it is influenced. The factors which impact on people’s food choices are highlighted as well as concerns over the distances food travels to our supermarkets.

Throughout the lesson there are various activities to provide opportunities to engage with the content.

These resources are free to use, released with a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.