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Food Trails

Tea Trail London brings out the historic stories of tea in a variety of fascinating London places including museums, shops and tea houses.Each trail has a different focus, allowing users to explore sites and objects – from ‘meeting’ Earl Grey and seeing the home of the Duchess who ‘invented’ afternoon tea, to sampling tea flavours from around the world.

Tea Trail London explores the heritage of tea in London through three unique trails:

  • Tea Through Time follows tea’s journey to Britain, discovering the people who first imported tea, how tea crossed oceans and continents and how tea was received in London society since it became popular in the city nearly 500 years ago.
  • World Tea Tastes explores some of the different ways and styles that tea is drunk around the world to be found in London, highlighting the versatility and popularity of tea.
  • Taking Afternoon Tea looks at this famous institution which has been enjoyed for hundreds of years, from monarchy to working families. This trail includes some London landmarks of tea enjoyment.

Tea Trail London gives visitors to London a chance to not only learn about the way that tea is, and has been, drunk and enjoyed across London, but also have a lot of fun in doing so too.

Be transported across time and discover and explore new sites in the capital while celebrating the quintessentially British beverage – tea!

The Food Trails have been created as part of the Europeana Food and Drink project funded by the European Union. The Tea Trail was developed by project partners Horniman Museum and Gardens, founded by Victorian tea trader Frederick Horniman, and Semantika.
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