Book Launch: London Local Pubs – Past and Present

Last week was all about London Local Pubs in the Past, and in the Present. Both online and offline, we celebrated the launch of the book, one of the applications created within Europeana Food and Drink. In collaboration with local pubs and the National Brewery Heritage Trust, the project partners Historypin and Fratelli Alinari Istituto di Edizioni Artistiche SpA developed this piece of London pub memories, telling the stories of 52 pubs steeped in social history. Stunning historic images and anecdotes shared by regulars, staff and pub landlords at community archiving gatherings were hand-picked, drawn together by the author Adrian Tierney-Jones.

Photographs by Cath Harries.
London Local Pubs Book Launch at Magpie & Stump. Photographs by Cath Harries
#52Pubs – Tweet up

For the weekend of 13th and 14th November, we invited people all over London to join us celebrating the launch and the role of these local pubs that are steeped in social history. Having people tweeting with the hashtag #52Pubs from all different pubs featured in the book, we captured the vibrant atmosphere on a Friday and Saturday night. Thoughts and pictures on the pub’s architecture, anecdotes and historical facts or just amusing overheard conversations were part of this snapshot, contributing to the lasting story of what pubs meant to locals in the past and what they mean to people today.

52Pubs_SarahSpink52Pubs_RupertSheperd52Pubs_Lise Schauer

See the full story and all tweets on #52Pubs in our slideshow below and here.

Grand Finale: Book Launch at Magpie & Stump

The Magpie & Stump in central London hosted the launch which brought together over 100 people from across the pub, beer and brewing world, many of the licensees and regulars who contributed their stories and memories to the book and author Adrian Tierney-Jones.

Pubs Minister Marcus Jones MP held a speech emphasizing that London Local Pubs not only showcases the architectural and historical value of pubs, but highlights that pubs are about people and the friendships and connections that they spark and sustain.

With the beer flowing and speeches by Marcus Jones MP, National Brewery Heritage Trust’s Robert Humphreys and Harry White, as well as Historypin’s Nick Stanhope, the night was a great celebration of the local British pub and collaborative community archiving.


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