Cake! at Week of Taste

Share your favourite recipes and indulge in traditional cake specialties

During the  Belgian Food Festival Week of Taste,  the Europeana Food and Drink project invites you to join and share recipes from your memories with us. All this information will be recorded and preserved in so called pinning sessions and will eventually be uploaded to Historypin or Europeana.

The locations for these sessions are:

  • Friday, 13th November, 3pm-7pm, Roeselare, kenniscentrum Arhus
  • Saturday, 14th November, 2pm-6pm, Leuven, Medina (Moroccan tea – and eatery)
  • Sunday, 15th November, 2pm-6pm 15, Hoepertingen, Mariagaarde castle
  • Wednesday, 18th November, 3pm-7pm, Eeklo Art Academy
  • Friday, 20th November, 3pm-7pm , Brussels, Muntpunt
  • Saturday, 21th November, 2pm-6pm, Antwerp, MAS
  • Sunday, 22th November, 2pm-6pm, Ghent, STAM

Another highlight will be the tasting of traditional cake specialties: Based on historic recipes, bakers will sell their delicacies during the festival in uniquely designed cake boxes – the so called ‘heritage cake boxes’. In total, 99 bakers from Flanders will join the event and sell their cakes in 10.000 of those specially printed cake boxes.

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