Food Planet – What on earth is this about?

FoodPlanet_Facebook_Banner_2Returning back from your summer holidays? Did you know that some of us also have been away? Not just anywhere – this summer, they have travelled to the Food Planet!

Our Europeana Food and Drink product cluster team of AcrossLimits from Malta and ICIMSS from Poland has been busy developing a new social game for all food junkies out there who like to get their grey matter working! They have met with the finest chefs, restaurants, museums and food producers to bring the best recipes and collections to the table.


The concept is simple: the Food Planet is a free and addictive app where you will challenge other players to guess the country of origin of different foods, drinks, utensils, machinery or ingredients. It’s a great way of widening your knowledge about different countries and their typical dishes. The game can be played by any player of any age, and if you think it’s easy, try guessing where ‘Placki Ziemniaczane’ or ‘Bigilla’ comes from!

Being a fun yet an educational game, you will be able to have access to:

  • Traditional recipes.
  • Fun and interesting facts.
  • Reward players with many achievements and unlocking of different badges.
  • Leaderboards that refreshes every week with a chance to win prizes.
  • Share and upload your favourite traditional dishes from across the world!
  • Two play mode: guest mode or full-view mode.

This social game is available for download on Android Play Store. iPhone, iPad and Windows  Phone version will be available shortly, so stay tuned! If you wish you can also access this game from your computer by visiting the official Facebook page or the project website.

Food Planet contains a collection of content that can be found on Europeana.  The social game is just one of the many exciting products from the Europeana Food and Drink project which is funded by the European Union.

Find out more and indulge in the fun!

By Alessandra Baldacchino and Angelika Leitner