Europeana Food and Drink Challenges

Throughout the project, we have been running a series of ‘Open Innovation Challenges’, which encourage the development of business partnerships between the Cultural & Creative Industries. We were looking for innovative ideas to re-use digital heritage contents and make use of the rich variety of food and drink related assets in Europeana. The winners of these challenges received both a cash prize and incubation support to help them bring their ideas to the market.

First Open Innovation Challenge

For the first competition, participants were challenged following the theme of “Reusing and promoting Europeana Food and Drink heritage contents”. The desired solutions should help GLAMs (galleries, libraries, archives and museums), touristic agencies and the food and drink industry to improve their business and support the promotion of the European food and drink cultural heritage in the modern digital age.

Read all about the First Open Innovation Challenge and its winners ClioMuse and Foodnode , presented at the final award event in Rome, Italy.

Second Open Innovation Challenge

The Second Europeana Food and Drink Open Innovation Challenge was all about video storytelling and “Enhancing Sustainable Food and Drink Heritage and Production. The two winners, Stefano Scarafia with his short-movie “Seeds”  and Best Italian Video “Pasta Amara” (Bitter Paste) by Ivano Fachin were announced at the award event during EXPO Milan 2015.

More on the incubated video of “The Mulberry Affair”by Raffaella Marandola, winner of the incubation package of Open Lab Cultura can be read here.

Third Open Innovation Challenge

In our third and final Europeana Food and Drink Open Innovation Challenge with the theme: “Reworking Digital Heritage of Food and Drink to Create Material Productions” we were looking for creatives and craftsmen all over Europe to use the Europeana Digital Library collections to create 2D or 3D products around the theme of food and drink.

Learn more about the Third Open Innovation Challenge and read an interview with the Winner, celebrated at the final event award in Seville, Spain.

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Europeana Food and Drink Events

Europeana Food and Drink has been continuously hosting and taking part in events around the theme of food & drink throughout Europe. Visitors could meet the network of like-minded people, learn about Europe’s rich culinary diversity and get a taste of our activities, products and applications that have been developed within the project.

Overview of previous Europeana Food and Drink Events


The London Book FairOlympia, London12 Apr 2016
Taart? Taart! Heritage Day in LeuvenWoonzorgcentrum Edouard Remy, Vesaliusstraat 10, 3000 Leuven24 Apr 2016
Wine in Greece Engagement EventDomaine Oenotria Land Costa Lazaridis, Greece26 Feb 2016
Tasting Historical Europe – eCookbook ReadingDionysos-Nosh, Vienna19 Jan 2016
Vilnius Gastronomy WeekVilnius, Lithuania16 Nov 2015
#52Pubs: London Local Pubs Tweet-Up52 London Local Pubs, UK13 Nov 2015
Secret Late, Horniman Museum LondonHorniman Museum and Gardens London, UK12 Nov 2015
Cake! at Week of TasteAll over Belgium13 Nov 2015
Cake? Cake! Touring Exhibition in Leuven, BelgiumWoonzorgcentrum Edouard Remy, Vesaliusstraat 10, 3000 Leuven22 Apr 2016
Food Glorious FoodLondon, United Kingdom26 Sep 2015

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