How to get the best out of your ebook: 7 Tips for Self-publishing & Promotion

After learning and gaining experiences through the creation of the two Europeana Food and Drink book products, London Local Pubs: Past and Present and the eCookbook Tasting Historical Europe – Exploring the culinary threads between Austria and Lithuania, we asked our cluster partners to share these lessons with us. This blogpost is part three of our series on the development of the London Local Pubs: Past and Present ebook.

Promoting books and ebooks can be tricky, as many different solutions are available in  the market today. Because of information flood, it is important to be sure that your message is delivered to the proper key person, professionally and in a convincing way.

Photographs by Cath Harries.
London Local Pubs Launch Event at Magpie & Stump (Photographs by Cath Harries)

Here is a summary selection of some hints to consider when a self publisher wants to promote his/her own book and ebook. These hints are derived from the research done by Andrea de Polo from Fratelli Alinari as part of the publication of the London Local Pubs book and ebook.

1. If possible, provide a Kindle version of the book. Amazon is one of the main platforms for the sale of ebooks and they predominantly sell Kindle-compatible ebooks.

2. Use professional DTP (desktop publishing) software and if needed, find a dedicated and proficient writer for the book and ebook.

3. Make sure you design the website similar to the book, with an option and/or link to purchase and download.

4. Organize a local kickoff event to launch the publication: be sure to invite local key people, contributors, journalists or blogger. For London Local Pubs: Past and Present, the launch was celebrated at The Magpie & Stump in central London, one of the pubs featured in the book, bringing together over 100 people from across the pub, beer and brewing world, including many of the licensees and regulars who contributed their stories and memories to the book.

5. In launch period, create an online buzz on your main social media platforms. Try to engage your audience in different ways, such as inviting people to participate in an online“Tweet-up” event with a dedicated hashtag (See #52Pubs) or have giveaways such as a sample chapter.

6. Use your social networks the right way: Avoid spam and mass mails, instead create targeted and personalized emails to influencers in your field. Write blogs and news for writers and authors with meaningful objectives related to the topic and worthwhile for your target audience to subscribe to. This can be teaser posts using information from the book, which might want the reader to get the full book

7. Use radio and traditional media too to communicate about the launch of the product. Be sure to do so before the product enters the market, so you can generate anticipation for it.

What are your number one methods for promoting your ebook?  We learned that most important, these promotion tactics need to be tailored to your product and to what works best for the topic and target audience of your ebook.


Check out London Local Pubs: Past and Present, available for purchase here or download our free eCookbook on the historic connection of Austrian and Lithuanian cuisine.


By Andrea de Polo, Fratelli Alinari and Angelika Leitner, Austrian National Library

The books have been made possible by the Europeana Food and Drink project, funded by the European Union. The London Local Pubs: Past and Present ebook has been published by Halsgrove Publishing with assistance from the National Brewery Heritage Trust, Historypin, Federation of European Publishers, Fratelli Alinari, Topfoto and Keepthinking. The eCookbook Tasting Historical Europe – Exploring the culinary threads between Austria and Lithuania  was developed by project partners Vilnius University – Faculty of Communication and Austrian National Library.