London Local Pubs: Past and Present — the ebook edition

Today we shine the spotlight on the London Local Pubs: Past and Present ebook, one of the Europeana Food and Drink products. The portable format of this publication makes it the perfect companion for visiting London to enjoy the traditional British pubs, or for discovering them from the comfort of your own home. It is available for purchase here.

The ebook tells the stories of 52 pubs in and around London through stunning historical photographs and memories shared by pub landlords and regulars. It includes a map and address details for each pub, so it is easy to visit and experience them for yourself.

London Local Pubs - Past and Present eBook edition


In the ebook, each historical image contains a link to, where you can find more information about the photograph. There is also a link to for every pub, so you can contribute your own pictures and memories to the growing archive of stories there.

London Local Pubs: Past and Present is written by Adrian Tierney-Jones, a pub and beer writer from the United Kingdom. He has drawn together all stories and anecdotes about each pub into rich, evocative descriptions, such as the one about the Newman Arms below.

“Here we are in Fitzrovia with Dylan Thomas cadging a drink and offering some words on a scrap of paper as payment. Or maybe it’s George Orwell, silent in the corner, mulling over his pint, observing and seeing all (he used the Newman Arms as a model for the proles’ pub in 1984; it also appeared in Keep The Aspidistra Flying). Other picaresque characters, whose novels, poems and paintings failed to move further than the table, have also come and gone through the doors of the Newman Arms since the 1940s, when this close-knit grid of streets first developed its racy, bohemian reputation.”


London Local Pubs - Past and Present eBook edition

If you want to explore the pubs in a different way, why not visit and follow one of the pub trails there? All 3414 photographs from the Charrington collection, which form the basis of the ebook, are also available to browse on here.

This blogpost is the first in a series in the development of the London Local Pubs: Past and Present ebook. The next installment, written by Enrico Turrin of FEP, gives some insight into ebooks and the reuse of digital cultural heritage through the eyes of ‘traditional’ publishing.


The London Local Pubs: Past and Present ebook has been published by Halsgrove Publishing as part of the Europeana Food and Drink project, with assistance from the National Brewery Heritage Trust, Historypin, Federation of European Publishers, Fratelli Alinari, Topfoto and Keepthinking.

By Lise Schauer, Historypin