More than jam in Vienna – Europeana Food and Drink at final conference of Europeana Creative #CultJam15

Inspirational keynotes and presentations, hands-on workshop sessions, a diverse exhibition space and a vibrant atmosphere all over the two conference days – It has been over a week now since Europeana Creative Culture Jam, the final showcase of the Europeana Creative project took place in Vienna, and Europeana Food and Drink was presented right in the middle.

How wine was created by love – Exhibiting stories from our Challenge Winners

The final conference, taking place at the Austrian National Library from 9th-10h of July, 2015 proved to be the perfect platform for our 1st Open Innovation Challenge Winners Foodnode and Clio Muse to show their achievements. Foodnode, the Incubation Package Winner, shared with us their results of the incubated project regarding food, social networking and data re-use.

CC-BY-SA Ingrid Oentrich (Austrian National Library)
CC-BY-SA Ingrid Oentrich (Austrian National Library)

In his talk on “20 Exhibits Speak about the Ancient Greek Wine”, Yiannis Nikolopoulos from Clio Muse presented his team’s approach for making the Food and Drink Industry benefit from Europeana. The 1st Prize winning tour guide app shares unique stories, such as how the Greek god Dionysus created wine with love.

Conference visitors were able to try out the app and share their thoughts with our challenge winners at our very own Europeana Food and Drink Exhibition booth, amid the animated discussions of Culture Jam.

It’s not all about the money! Delivering Value through Culture

The second day of the Culture Jam brought Enrico Turrin from Federation of European Publishers, holding a vivid Ignite Talk on our project. In precisely three minutes, twelve slides and 15 seconds for each of them, he pitched on the creative commercial re-use of cultural content. As one of the success cases in Europeana Food and Drink, the currently finalized book on local pubs in London explores fascinating stories from the past and present.

Cristiano Bianchi from Keepthinking, WP3 Lead Partner for commercial products highlighted the importance of delivering value through culture. Creative Industries strive for interesting and engaging content, whilst at the same time cultural organisations cannot promote and publish enough of their assets in a re-usable format. Meeting those needs and forming long-term strategic partnership are finally not all about the money – the holistic, combined return on investment is greater than the sum of its parts.

CC-BY-SA Ingrid Oentrich (Austrian National Library)
CC-BY-SA Ingrid Oentrich (Austrian National Library)
What’s on next?

These great two days in Vienna taught us some useful lessons on creative re-use of cultural heritage and proved to be a great event to learn from preceding projects within Europeana.

Leaving with all of this inspirational input, we are excited for the succeeding milestones to lie ahead within Europeana Food and Drink. Expo Milan is calling next week to celebrate the winners of our 2nd Open Innovation Challenge on Video Storytelling in the Slow Food Pavilion. The development of our commercial applications and products is in their final phase, and we are looking forward to present all of the wonderful creations at their launch end of this summer.