Tasting Historical Europe – eCookbook Launch in Vienna

This Tuesday, the Austrian-Lithuanian community met in the heart of Vienna to celebrate the launch of a special publication: The eCookbook “Tasting Historical Europe – Exploring the culinary threads between Austria and Lithuania” created by the Austrian National Library and Vilnius University – Faculty of Communication within the Europeana Food and Drink Project.

eCookbook Launch: Tasting Historical Europe- Exploring the culinary threads between Austria and Lithuania
eCookbook Launch: Reading by Prof. Wolfgang Klos, Austrian-Lithuanian Society.  Lithuanian roast goose with apples and sauce.

The book, which is available for free download, is dedicated to the historical gastronomic relations between Austria and Lithuania. It attempts to grasp the gastronomic contexts, including dishes that depict common gastronomic history.  Austrian recipes which were adopted in Lithuania and Lithuanian ones, which travelled to Austria have been selected using sources such as Europeana.

Seven Foodbloggers from Lithuania and Austria contributed to this culinary exploration of their countries. For the culinary reading, two traditional recipes from the book were specially prepared by the chefs of Dionysos-Nosh, the hosting restaurant for the evening. Guests could get a first glimpse of the eCookbook and learn about the invisible culinary threads  between the two countries – all of this framed by traditional Austrian and Lithuanian music.


Representatives of the Austrian – Lithuanian Society, University of Vienna, Verband Österreich – Nordische Länder or Kulinarisches Erbe Österreich could get inspired by the historic recipes and stories and were invited to share the eCookbook with their networks and communities.

Get inspired by Europes historical culinary heritage and download the book here.