Wine in Greece Engagement Event

On Friday 26th of February,  our Greek Europeana Food and Drink Partner PostScriptum organized an engagement event in the magnificent Domaine Oenotria Land Costa Lazaridis.

The event aimed at bringing together representatives from the world of culture, wine, tourism, media and creative industries in order to exchange, learn and use content related to food and drink and to create dialogue on prospects and potential partnerships that may arise on the occasion of the Europeana Food and Drink (EFD) project. collage_WineGreece

Cultural Heritage of Wine and the Attica Wine Trail

Mr. Kostas Konstantinidis, Managing Director of PostScriptum, welcomed the guests and set the context of the discussion. Mr. Markos Bolaris, Deputy Minister of Agriculture, delivered salutation and underlined the importance of initiatives such as the EFD project regarding the development of the economy and of synergies’ climate. Mrs Maria Triantafyllou, Director of the National Interprofessional Organisation of Vine and Wine (EDOAO) spoke for the benefits of such attempts of the wine industry.

Mr. Nikolaos Simos from NTUA presented Europeana and the NTUA participation in EFD project and PostScriptum and Mrs Alexandra Nikiforidou, presented the scope, the achievements and the impact of the project.

PostScriptum and Mrs. Vasia Pierrou introduced visitors of the evening to  the Attica Wine Trail which was created with material uploaded to Europeana in the context of EFD project. The applicaton was implemented with the contribution of wineries of Attica and the support of EDOAO.


Europeana, Clio Muse and Big Olive

The presentation closed with the speeches of Mr. John Nikolopoulos from Clio Muse, winner at 1st Open Innovation Challenge of EFD, and Mr. John Zaras from Big Olive, who were referred to successful examples of cultural content exploitation. Mr. Nikolopoulos talked about the experience of Clio Muse in the contest and the business exhibits interface designed from various museums in Europe through the Europeana network with stories about food and drink, for which the app was awarded. Mr. John Zaras talked about the food and drink trails that Big Olive implements in the physical space and their connection with the cultural content and the EFD project.

The presentations were followed by a tour in the Wine Museum and of course food accompanied by fine wine, sponsorship of Domaine Lazaridis. Participants had the opportunity to learn further about the project, to know each other better and to discuss ideas for possible future collaborations and synergies.


By Vasia Pierrou, PostScriptum